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Izgelek Foundation rebranding

Izgelek" presents a new corporate identity. In cooperation with a talented designer from Ufa, Natalia Romanova, a new logo of the fund was born. 

Heart in hands, palms, birds, sun, flowers are worn-out, frequently used symbols. They are present in the brand names of almost all charitable foundations. They are not memorable, do not stand out from each other graphically. Until now, the logo of the Izgelek Charity Foundation was a heart in the palms of the hands, stylized as a flower, which did not reflect the main essence and concept of the Foundation. If you type the phrase "charitable foundation" in the search bar, you will see many similar symbols.

The "Izgelek" Foundation has a bright, national sound which means "good", "beneficence" in Bashkir. It is important to give this sound a graphic embodiment that is memorable, at the same time different from other graphic embodiments and has a deep, root meaning. The symbol should reinforce the name "Izgelek". It was important to reflect the close connection of modern Bashkiria with national traditions and history in the emblem. The emblem is like a bridge (transition) from history and traditions to modern times. We want to remember and respect the past, but at the same time to develop and look to the future. To be popular and recognizable among both adults and youth.

Bashkir Kuskar (scroll, snail) was such a sign for us. For ancient Bashkirs it was a symbol of fertility and prosperity. The ancient Turkic ornamental tradition was dominated by the Kuskar ornament. The motive in the form of kuskar was used in embroidery, weaving and all kinds of decor. We took the Kuskar motive, and stylized it for modern times. Two paired curls of Kuskar form a symbol similar to the heart.
The heart is an iconic symbol for the foundation, and leaving the heart, we have preserved the continuity with the old logo. We got a beautiful and memorable ornament in the national style. The bottom curls going to the right and left mean further development and improvement, giving stability not only to the brand, but also to the reputation of the foundation. It is a brand that unites the best traditions of our people with modernity. Painting it into modern colours and ROBOTO font will also give additional modern insight. The brand will become a recognizable trademark of our foundation in the future.
"Dobrofond" underlining has been added to the logo. This, firstly, will position Izgelek aside from other funds, and secondly, it will remove the multiletter phrase "Charity Foundation", which is heavily perceived in graphic solutions, and souvenirs. We have introduced the name of our site into the logo to encourage everyone who communicates with the brand to go to the site.

Izgelek is based on 5 important values. Surprisingly, they all start with the letter E:






In the near future, the fund plans to create its own line of merchandise and online store. These days quality clothes and souvenirs with new symbolics are being created in cooperation with DAMDAM brand and souvenir company "PUSK" , which very soon can be purchased on the fund's website.

Izgelek will pay special attention to work with the brand's ambassadors, who are affectionately referred to as "Dobrofond Ambassadors".
The task of these well-known personalities in Ufa and the Republic is to become the ambassadors of kindness and mercy, to promote the ideas of patronage and help the needy.

The "Izgelek"  has been submitted for registration of the trademark. It successfully passed the first stage of originality check and is currently undergoing registration with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property.

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